Easy DIY Miniature Printable Patterns you can make at home.

Download our Patterns to Create Your Own Miniature Books, Wallpapers, Posters, Etc. – Right from Home!

We create downloadable patterns for dollhouse miniatures. We do not sell any physical products, and all of our miniature printables require a little DIY!

Our miniature printable books make an excellent edition to Sam’s Study, ROBOTIME, and other popular 1:12 scale miniature kits.

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Crafter Beware…You’re in for a (Teeny Tiny) Scare!

Get all 62 Goosebumps books from the original series for just $15

It nearly killed me, but now I can rest in peace. To honor and celebrate the legends that launched my literary obsession, I’ve (painstakingly) reproduced all 62 classic Goosebumps books from R.L. Stine into 1:12 scale collectable miniature books. To share the love, I’ve created patterns for each book that you can print and make from home! Get your favorites at just $2.50 for a collection of 5, or download all 62 for just $15.

Goosebumps books printed in 1/12th scale

Looking for a specific Goosebumps book? Find out which collection it’s in below:

miniature Goosebump books 1-5

  • Welcome to Dead House
  • Stay Out of the Basement
  • Monster Blood
  • Say Cheese and Die!
  • The Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb
miniature Goosebump books 6-10

  • Let’s Get Invisible!
  • Night of the Living Dummy
  • The Girl Who Cried Monster
  • Welcome to Camp Nightmare
  • The Ghost Next Door
miniature Goosebump books 11-15

  • The Haunted Mask
  • Be Careful What You Wish For…
  • Piano Lessons Can Be Murder
  • The Werewolf of Fever Swamp
  • You Can’t Scare Me!
miniature Goosebump books 16-20

  • One Day at HorrorLand
  • Why I’m Afraid of Bees
  • Monster Blood II
  • Deep Trouble
  • The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight
miniature Goosebump books 21-25

  • Go Eat Worms!
  • Ghost Beach
  • Return of the Mummy
  • Phantom of the Auditorium
  • Attack of the Mutant
miniature Goosebump books 26-30

  • My Hairiest Adventure
  • A Night in Terror Tower
  • The Cuckoo Clock of Doom
  • Monster Blood III
  • It Came from Beneath the Sink!
miniature Goosebump books 31-35

  • Night of the Living Dummy II
  • The Barking Ghost
  • The Horror at Camp Jellyjam
  • Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes
  • A Shocker on Shock Street
miniature Goosebump books 36-40

  • The Haunted Mask II
  • The Headless Ghost
  • The Abominable Snowman of Pasadena
  • How I Got My Shrunken Head
  • Night of the Living Dummy III
miniature Goosebump books 41-45

  • Bad Hare Day
  • Egg Monsters from Mars
  • The Beast from the East
  • Say Cheese and Die—Again!
  • Ghost Camp
miniature Goosebump books 46-50

  • How to Kill a Monster
  • Legend of the Lost Legend
  • Attack of the Jack-O’-Lanterns
  • Vampire Breath
  • Calling All Creeps!
miniature Goosebump books 51-55

  • Beware, the Snowman
  • How I Learned to Fly
  • Chicken, Chicken
  • Don’t Go to Sleep!
  • The Blob That Ate Everyone
miniature Goosebump books 56-62

  • The Curse of Camp Cold Lake
  • My Best Friend Is Invisible
  • Deep Trouble II
  • The Haunted School
  • Werewolf Skin
  • I Live in Your Basement!
  • Monster Blood IV

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Oh Say Hello to Your Friends!

(Miniature) Babysitter’s Club Books & Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper Stationary!

Miniature Babysitter’s Club books are now available! These miniature books are of the fun and funky Memphis-style 1996 reprint collection. Relive all the babysitting excitement with Kristy, Dawn, Stacey, Claudia, Mary Anne, Mallory, and Jessi – in teeny tiny 1:12th scale!

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Making a mini book is easy as 1, 2, 3!

Our books are a little different – we print on BOTH sides of the page so that you have a book, with singular (not folded) pages for the most accurate reproduction possible. We also deliver all files at SUPER HIGH QUALITY 600dpi – many modern printers can print at this resolution now, so be sure to follow the print instructions in each listing!

Step by Step Instructions

1) Print page 1. Flip sheet over, print page 2.

Keep graphic aligned to the same side as printed on. On my Epson, the page strip prints on the right side, print side up. So when I flip the paper, I make sure the page strip is still on the right side, but print-side down.

2) Cut out pages strip

I strongly recommend a paper cutter to ensure you get an even cut. A scissors will still work, you’ll just have less even pages, but that isn’t a big deal with antique-style books.

3) Mod Podge Cover (optional).

Apply Mod Podge (or white glue with a little water) to book cover before cutting out.

4) Fold pages along fold lines.

Fold the pages strip on the page lines, accordion-style.

5) Clip book at outer corner, glue.

Clip the book at the outer corners with office clips (I used mini ones here), making sure the pages are lined up to create a spine. Apply glue to the spine, making sure to cover all pages. Let dry completely and unclip.

6) Cut out and fold cover.

Cut out, then fold the cover on the lines at the spine and flaps. Roll the spine around the handle of a paintbrush to create a slightly curved spine.

7) Glue the book to the cover.

Apply glue to the cover and attach outermost pages, pushing down on a hard flat surface to smooth out any glue globs. When stable, apply glue to inner flaps and fold over. UPDATE: Use a glue roller instead! This gives a much thicker, even cover. I use these:
Glue Dot Rollers on Amazon

8) Snip the folds on pages.

Using a thin scissors, snip along the page folds to unveil all interior pages.

9) Voila! What a little beauty.

What a cute little book!

Get a Free Miniature Book Printable!

Download the PDF for the 1925 publication of The Great Gatsby for free! Watch the instructions in our DIY video, then just follow along and see how simple it is to make your own mini books from our pdf pattern downloads!

Is there a book you’d like a miniature pattern for?

Let us know what book you’d like a miniature pattern for, and we might be able to make your custom pattern available in our shop!


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