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(Miniature) Babysitter’s Club Books

Miniature Babysitter’s Club books are now available! These miniature books are of the fun and funky Memphis-style 1996 reprint collection. Relive all the babysitting excitement with Kristy, Dawn, Stacey, Claudia, Mary Anne, Mallory, and Jessi – in teeny tiny 1:12th scale!

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miniature The Babysitters Club books stacked on a white table

Making a mini book is easy as 1, 2, 3!

Just Print, Cut, Fold & Glue

Our books are a little different – we print on BOTH sides of the page so that you have a book, with singular (not folded) pages for the most accurate reproduction possible. We also deliver all files at SUPER HIGH QUALITY 600dpi – many modern printers can print at this resolution now, so be sure to follow the print instructions in each listing!

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Miniature Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper Stationary Set

$4.00 $0.00

Remember those super cool Lisa Frank Trapper Keepers from the 90’s?

Now you can own it again – in 1:12th scale! To celebrate the launch of our Babysitter’s Club book collection, we’re giving our totally bomb customers the miniature Lisa Frank stationary set – free for a limited time!

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Print & Make a Radical
Memphis 90’s Room!

Display your Babysitter’s Club books in a totally tubular way – with our 90’s Memphis-style room printables! For a limited time, download our Memphis Plaid Dollhouse Wallpaper & our Miniature Lisa Frank Stationary Set totally free!

Plans for the floating orange shelf coming soon!
It’s basically just matchsticks cut to size, glued together, & painted orange.
I used plastic packaging cut to size for the shelves.

Practically Perfect
PDF Printables

It’s hard to find reliable and easy diy miniatures printables. So many of the free options online are inconsistent, pixelated and blurry, don’t print at the right size, get cut off, etc etc. Our dollhouse printable miniatures are all expertly crafted and designed to work for all printers, so you won’t be wasting paper & ink.

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for dollhouses!